Section Pole Set

Flexible and completely adjustable, the modular SECTION POLE SET is always right for you.

Shooting at a water location? Need an adjustable telescopic pole? Then the SP-Gadgets SECTION POLE SET is right for you. Put together your individual and optimal length Pole with the 12” or 24" segment and/or any number of the modular system’s separately available segments. Both the SECTION POLE SET's grip and pole unit float on water and keep your camera safe – so you can shoot exactly what and how you want.

Compatible with all items of the FLOATING SECTION SYSTEM!


  • Upgradable modular system
  • Floats on water
  • Direct GoPro® attachment
  • Standard tripod adapter
  • Screwable watertight end cap


  • Section Buoy
  • Extension 12"
  • Static Head
  • Tripod screw adapter
  • Wristband
  • Cameras not included

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