Session The Frames

The Standard Frame makes it easy to attach any HERO Session camera to any GoPro mount to create a wide array of compact gear set-ups. Its open design lets you rotate any HERO Session camera to

capture the best angle or easily switch the position of your camera from front view to rear view. Mount it somewhere creative. Capture something awesome.


Features + Benefits

Compatible With All GoPro Mounts

Enables you to attach any HERO Session camera to 30+ compatible GoPro mounts.

Compatible With All HERO Session Cameras

Works with all HERO Session cameras.

Ultimate Mounting Flexibility

Rotate or flip any HERO Session camera in the frame for ultimate mounting flexibility.

Easy Access to Shutter Button + Camera Ports

Specially designed to give you easy access to the shutter button and camera ports in most mounting configurations.

Integrated Latches for Easy Installation

Integrated latches make it easy to install and remove the camera from your mounting set-up.



• The Standard Frame (for HERO Session cameras)

• Mounting Buckle

• Short Thumb Screw



• All HERO Session cameras

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