HERO5 Session Helmet Swivel Mount

Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount for HERO Session cameras is a versatile, low-profile mounting option from GoPro. The combination of the Low-Profile Frame and Swivel Mount gives you a wide range of rotate and pivot motion. Capture forward- or rear-facing videos and photos with a simple twist and turn. 

Features + Benefits

Compatible With All HERO Session Cameras

Gives HERO Session cameras their lowest-profile helmet mount.

Mounting Flexibility

Easily rotate any HERO Session 360° on the move while in the mount for ultimate mounting flexibility.

Framing Flexibility

Position your HERO Session multiple ways in the Low-Profi le Frame.

Easy Access to Shutter Button + Camera Ports

Specially designed to give you easy access to the shutter button and camera ports in multiple mounting configurations.



• Low-Profile Frame

• Swivel Mount

• Short Thumb Screw

• 2 Curved Adhesive Mounts

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