KARMA™ Stabilizer

Capture amazingly smooth shake-free video. The detachable Karma Stabilizer gives you the versatility to tell your stories in a whole new way. Use it with the Karma Drone for ultra steady aerial shots. Attach it to Karma Grip to smooth out the bumps in your handheld and body-mounted shots. In the air or on the ground, the Karma Stabilizer gives all of your footage the smooth look of professional productions.

Detachable + Versatile

The innovative design can be easily removed from the Karma Drone and attached to Karma Grip for professional-looking footage from air to ground.

Ultra Steady, Pro-Quality Footage

Captures breathtaking cinematic video that's free from vibrations, shakes and jitters.

Smooth Aerial Capture

Use with the Karma Drone to capture amazingly smooth GoPro footage from the air.

Handheld + Wearable Stabilization

Attach to Karma Grip for professional-looking handheld and body-mounted footage.


What's Included

Karma Stabilizer



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