The Tool

The Tool makes it easy to tighten your GoPro thumb screws to prevent the camera from shifting during high-speed, high-vibration activities. It’s perfect when mounting the camera using multiple extension arms, or adjusting thumb screws in cold conditions with numb fingers. Added bonus: The Tool doubles as a bottle opener, so you can use it to crack a cold one back in the car park. 


Easily tighten your GoPro thumb screws.

The Tool makes it easy to tighten your GoPro thumb screws more securely than by hand. 

Secures your camera.

Tighter thumb screws help prevent the camera from tilting up or down during high-speed, high vibration activities such as surfing and mountain biking.

Increases stability.

Ideal for tightening your thumb screws to achieve greater stability when mounting the camera with multiple extension arms.

Perfect for frigid temps + frozen fingers. 

Easily adjust thumb screws in cold conditions despite numb fingers.

Bonus: doubles as a bottle opener. 

Features a bottle opener for après-adventure good times. 

Attach to your keys. 

Features a key ring hole so you can attach your gear or a key ring for quick access. 

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